Sunday, May 22, 2005

Jafna, Sri Lanka

Jafna, Sri Lanka - Sunday May 22, 2005 Report Submitted by Cherie Hurston

I am in Sri Lanka in a northern city named Jafna. This has been a huge stronghold during the civil unrest. All around me is the evidence of the ongoing destruction. Buildings have been burned and are riddled with bulletholes. There are signs everywhere warning of land mines. But the people are amazing and friendly. Especially considering most of them have not seen a foreigner for some time.

There are many old colonial style buildings here which have been both victims of war and now time. Large trees grow through the elegant roofs and the walls are covered in mold. It is strangely beautiful in its own way. The most amazing part of this trip so far though has been the growing church. There is such a move of God here! I have been privileged to attend several services here and the people are so passionate, determined and full of God's love. It is inspiring. Tomorrow we leave and drive south. Apparently the landscape only shows more evidence of conflict as we travel south. There are military checkpoints everywhere. I was surprised to find this slow phone-line connection here but I am sure I will not have access to the Internet again for a couple of days. Thanks for your prayer and support. God Bless!