Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Second Day.....

Bangkok, Thailand- The conference is going exceptionally well. The focus of the conference is to create a paradigm shift in the strategies of the present-day missionary. According to statistics from the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist, the developed countries of the world are spending 98% of their funds on "reached" peoples. Reached peoples can be defined as people who have had sufficient exposure to the gospel to be able to make an informed decision about Christ. This doesn't not mean we are not to support and disciple these groups. Instead the focus of the meeting is to reach out to the others in the world who have never been reached in addition to supporting the original groups. This is something that the Vortex can do! It is a worthy cause and one that I am proud to support.

I did another group demo today. I used the garbage-filled trashcan again but this time I threw a cup of dirt in. The Vortex immediately turned on and turned the rubbish strewn dirt water into clear and pure water. The people were very impressed and I had one person pledge to get one right then. I had several others plead with me to visit their countries and spread the word through future demonstrations. I am very encouraged.

The entire group was treated to an authentic Thai lunch today. It was a great time for fellowship. I spoke with a pastor who has built hundreds of churches in Malaysia. There is such a need there for clean water. I also ate with the Head of Affairs for Bangladesh and the Philippines. Again, the situation is the same. They all desperately need clean water. It looks like AMM will be able to help them!

Overall it was a very productive, long and hot day. I have one more day of conferences and then tomorrow evening I am leaving for Sri Lanka. I am looking forward to this time. I will be visiting the churches in the sites affected by the tsunami and then heading to the northern part of the island to see the church in action there. It is a predominantly Buddhist country and there has been a good deal of resistance to the Word being preached. I spoke with a pastor today who said that he had been a Buddhist monk and had a supernatural experience with Jesus while doing his daily prayers. He immediately got saved and his family and community disowned him. His father threatened to kill him and then tried to kill himself. But he was persistent and his prayers brought his entire family to know the love of Christ. It was beautiful for me to hear what God is doing in this country. I am eagerly looking forward to seeing his church. He is the administrator now over an additional 236 churches. It will definitely be a good trip. Until tomorrow, God Bless!