Tuesday, May 17, 2005

News from the conference

Bangkok, Thailand - April 17, 2005 - 10:37pm - Report Submitted by: Cherie Hurston

The city is hot, bustling and full of excitement. The humidity is over 80% and I sweat as I walk down the packed streets full of vendors selling everything from fake designer bags to hand carved figurines. There is some weird fruit that is nicknamed stink fruit that mixed in to the chaos that tastes just like it smells.

Today was the first day of the Church of God conference. It is amazing for me to be surrounded by so many powerful men and women of God. There is an air of anticipation as the crowd goes through the introductions. There is the head of all Asian affairs is here as well as the leader for all of Southeast Asia. Also in attendance is the head of affairs for India and Sri Lanka. It really was quite the crowd.

I was formally introduced and completed a demostration of the Vortex Voyager where I pumped water from a trashcan from the bathroom with discarded trash still floating in the water. Than, I drank it! It was very impressive and received a great response. I believe these units save lives and I believe the contacts I am making here will help that process! I am very excited. The meeting lasted from 8am till 10pm. Please pray for me to be clear and directed tomorrow.

God Bless!



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